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A Christmas Flame

Amber Dawn Bell



An inspirational Christmas short story...


A Christmas Flame by Amber Dawn Bell is a story you’ll have to have a box of tissues nearby for. Angel blamed herself for the death of her husband and baby daughter three years ago because she had to be stubborn and leave the tree lights on, on Christmas Eve.


Jacob was the fireman on duty that night, and he couldn’t save them. He lived with that guilt every day, and he had finally had enough, he had to deal with the pain. After running into Angel, there was no turning back. He had to tell her everything, how he felt, how badly he wished he could save her family, and he also had to get off his chest the horrors of his past. He should have been the one to die when he was twelve years old, not his sister and his family made sure he knew that.


Time and a little girl, healed his wounds and now he was off to hopefully fill the void and pain within Angel. Ms. Bell pours passion into each and every word of this short story.


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Category: Inspirational Romance

Format: eBook

Publish Date: 2008

Price: $0.99 eBook



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