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Almost Silenced

Isabel Mere


Carisa Pez Velloso travels with her daughter to London at the behest of the family of her six-year-old child’s father. What seemed a genial invitation turns into a nightmare and Carisa finds herself embroiled in a fight against English nobility and laws written in their favor. A chance meeting with widower Max DiSanto, advocate of law, brings hope of retaining custody of her deaf daughter. The case Max and Carisa set out to win engages more than written law as sparks ignite within their damaged, unwilling hearts.

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The reviews are in!

  If you are looking for historical romances check out those written by Isabel Mere. She captures the thrill and romance of love and attraction. Makes me yearn for my dating days with my husband. Brings back some wonderful memories. Each book I have read so far has wonderful stories behind the love. ~ Janice R., Amazon


  Interesting romance. Both main characters are of European heritage, not usual leads for an historical romance set in England. Adding to this mix a deaf child gives a depth not always present in romances. An enjoyable read that I gladly recommend to others. ~ LeAnne Shirley, Amazon


  I loved this five book series. For those who enjoy period pieces, you'll love these books. Well-written characters and rich visualizations create a series that keeps you enthralled until the very end. ~ T. Clark0755, Amazon


  Nice historical romance! It was a nice romantic story. I enjoyed how they brought in some interesting elements like having the lead female being from Spain and her daughter being deaf. And while there were elements of the highly wealthy - the primary characters were of the average class of the times so that was a nice difference as well. Overall I would recommend reading to those who love historical romances. ~ M.R. Lowak, Amazon


  Loved Max! I kept waiting for the younger brother to appear or should I say return home. I thought Max and the Spanish lady would never get it together. I'm glad they did. I held my breath though. ~ Sharhop3, Amazon




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Category: Historical Romance

Format: Trade Paperback and eBook

Publish Date: 06/10/2009

Price: $12.95 US Print and $3.99 US eBook

ISBN-13: 978-0982361559

AISN: B002C75O2I

Now Available With New eBook Cover




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