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Always...Only You
Leanne Burroughs



The warmth of Christmas takes place everywhere…to everyone. Even when they don’t think it’s possible. Five Christian stories of love and loss…and the beauty of Christmas.

The most widespread war in history, World War II affected not only the men and women fighting for freedom in Europe. It greatly affected those left behind on the homefront… Follow the lives of two men and women as they struggle to survive the harsh cruelties of war…

The American Old West grew as people left their homes in the East. Often myths of the West, rather than the harsh realities and struggles to survive that truly existed, took firm hold in the imagination of those setting out to follow their dreams.

Join a young couple in a simpler time in Georgia. When two lives were torn apart and young love got put on hold for an act of kindness and generosity. Throw in two antiquated "silly" laws still on the books, and you have quite a mix.

During a time of civil rights and turmoil, of a looming threat of war in Vietnam, of American Bandstand joining the television airwaves, simplicity and young love take center stage…




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Category: Christian Romance Anthology

Format: Trade Paperback and eBook

Publish Date: 7/11/2011

Price: $ 9.95 US Print and $2.99 US eBook

ISBN: 978-0984654109

AISN: B0069E379C



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