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Camelot's Enchantment

Cynthia Breeding




From the World of Faerie


With King Arthur and his knights sleeping under an enchantment in Avalon, Morgan le Fey, Queen of Faerie, has a lot of time on her hands. Luckily, her consort, Cernunnos, god of the Wild Hunt, knows just how to fill it... Outraged that she has lost her lover, ancient faerie rival, Aoibhill, seeks to rid herself of Morgan by pushing her through the Portal of Time.


Hurtled Through Time


Cernunnos leaps after Morgan and they find themselves in 21st century England with no magical powers and little knowledge of how to survive in a world that moves way too fast.


Comes A Powerful Evil


Furious that she has lost Cernunnos once again, Aoibhill summons her incubus son, Melehan. Powerful and ruthless, he has inherited all the evil traits of his father, Medraut.


Ready to Destroy the World


Together they leap, unleashing their dark powers on their quest to find Morgan and Cernunnos. On Avalon, the enchantment slowly lifts...


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Cynthia Breeding


Category: Historical Romance

Format: Trade Paperback and eBook

Publish Date: 1/18/2011

Price: Print $ 12.25 US

eBook $ 3.99 US

ISBN: 0984249958






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