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Chance for a Merry Christmas

Judith Leigh



Mistletoe Magic, Book 2...


Chance for a Merry Christmas by Judith Leigh is a story about loss and love that hits close to home. Ms. Leigh has done an impeccable job with this story because with love sometimes comes the fear of the unknown. Sue had just lost her mother, and wasn’t ready to lose someone else she loved so soon.


Chance said that being out of the Air Force wasn’t an option-so now what could these two do to be together? Let me tell you, distance can make the heart grow fonder, and would it really be so bad to be a military wife?


Sue has to make that jump. Is her love for the man she has only known a short time enough to make her throw caution to the wind?


Ms. Leigh is just begging you gals to find a military man that is sensitive and caring with this one!


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Category: Contemporary Romance

Format: eBook

Publish Date: 10/03/2008

Price: $0.99 eBook

AISN: B00630ZG00


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