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Polly McCrillis


Games People Play Series, Book 1

Games. Everyone plays them, some more deadly, than others...


A woman and her child are missing. Reese Adams is on the hunt for them, her first major case as a private investigator. It would be a lot easier if the missing woman’s brother weren’t in the picture.


Ethan Chamberlain isn’t hard to look at or spend time with, if you like a man with perfect posture, proper speech and an affinity for antiques and expensive suits, but experience has taught Reese to be wary of men and she has no intention of getting to know this one or let him anywhere near her heart.


Tired of women who want him only for his wealth and position among Denver’s elite, Ethan finds the headstrong, charmingly unsophisticated Ms. Adams strangely tantalizing. Her seeming indifference to him only adds to the allure.


As she and her hodgepodge of friends take control of the search for his missing sister and nephew, shocking discoveries about their disappearance are unearthed. Reese’s determination to learn the complete truth exposes facts and feelings best left buried. People Ethan thought he knew aren’t at all who they seem to be.


While looking for answers, Reese captures the heart of the man she is determined to dislike, and in turn, Ethan patiently peels away her layers of distrust. If they can only avoid getting shot at, they may have a chance at love.


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Polly McCrillis


Romantic Suspense

Trade Paperback and eBook

Publish Date: February 26, 2013

Price: Print: $12.95 US

eBook: $3.99 US

ISBN: 978-0985069087





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