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Christmas Wishes

Multiple Authors

All I want for Christmas is a Hula-Hoop...and a Mother
by Deborah Macgillivray

Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence Finalist 2006
For Best Novella

Keon Challenger adores his darling five-year old daughter and will do anything to see her happy, only she’s given him the toughest Christmas request to fill-she wants a mother. Adorable Allison is not about to leave anything so important to chance; she’s already set her sights on her new ballet teacher, Leslie Seaforth. When a snowstorm strands the three at Leslie’s river home for Christmas, Allison is sure Santa is listening.

Once Upon a Snowflake
by Shelli Stevens

It’s just before Christmas and Lilly Rawson is trying to escape her old life, taking her young son with her. When a blizzard hits, she gets in a serious car wreck and wakes to find herself in the arms of an attractive man. Trapped in a small town, hope for love is allowed to bloom in heart, but is it strong enough to convince her to stay?

The Christmas Store
by Ann Marie Bradley

When Aine Ross hangs a wish for true love and a family on Santa’s Christmas tree, she doesn’t really expect it to be granted. After all, she’s twenty-nine and it’s been a long time since she’s believed in Santa’s magic. But then Aine wins a trip to Hawaii two weeks before Christmas, she meets sexy tour guide, Jerald Garrison-the gallant knight she’s always dreamed of. With the help of a lonely six-year-old boy, Jerald and Aine discover the magic and passion of a family meant to be together.

In Time for Christmas
by Cheryl Alldredge

The Christmas season is less than jolly for Beth, recently divorced and alone for the holiday. It promises to be a miserable day until a sexy Viking calls her back in time with a very special prayer.

Love’s Eternal Hope
by Amber Dawn Bell

After her husband of twenty-eight years leaves her for another woman, Hope Lacey is forced into bankruptcy and must sell her beloved home. While packing up her last remaining possessions on Christmas Eve, she finds her favorite ornament in the track of the sliding glass door. A nunne’hi of Cherokee mythology. Picking it up, she makes a wish to escape the reality of her world and find her true love. A beautiful light surrounds her as drums beat in the background, and she finds herself in the arms of a Cherokee warrior in a time long past. Will Hope find her one true soul mate? Will her Christmas wish come true?

Christmas at Home
by Leanne Burroughs

America’s firmly entrenched in World War II, but for Ryan Burgess the war is over. Shipped home with an injured leg after his plane crashed, Ryan believes he has little to live for. A young widow and her daughter enter his father’s general store-and his life. Can two people trying to overcome emotional scars from the war find happiness with each other? Or will the ongoing war claim still more casualties-two hearts too wounded to love?

Operation Family
by Billie Warren Chai

Major Sean Spencer, a US Army special ops helicopter pilot, anticipates spending the Christmas alone. When Sean discovers the woman he left, but still loves, is seven months pregnant with his child, he launches Operation Family to fulfill his wish for a wife and child. Ava Jefferson thought Sean died in action when she couldn’t locate him after discovering her pregnancy. For months Ava has coped with the idea of being a single mother. She won’t deny him his child, but she won’t surrender her life and career to him either. Are their differences too great or will their wishes come true in time for a very special Christmas?

The Patient Gift
by Patty Howell

Christmas looms, but Lea Novak sees only the trappings-decorations, cards, gifts-and she’s not having anything to do with any of it. Lonely and feeling abandoned, her life consists of going to work and returning to the safety of her home and Basil, her beloved black lab, her only companion. A blizzard brings not only snow to her front door. It whisks in a tall, handsome stranger whose life has taught him the importance of patience. Lea is forced to confront the tragic circumstances of her life by offering and receiving compassion. All the while, unseen forces are working to bring happiness back into Lea’s life. If only she will listen.

The Gift of You
by Kimberly Ivey

Widower Jake Delatorre faces the prospect of spending another Christmas alone. When he rescues Liliana Brooks twice in one night he wonders if it’s a sign from above. Just as Jake begins to believe he’s been given a second chance at love with the single mother and her baby, his world turns upside down. Will Liliana’s past threaten the new found bond they share? Or will his Christmas wish for a family of his own be granted in this season of miracles?

Joy’s Christmas Wishes
by Gerri Bowen

Eleven year old Joy wants Lady Emily to be her step-mother. She hopes her father will like her as much as she does, and marry her so he’ll remain at home instead of leaving her and her three brothers months at a time while he captains his ship.

Lord Geoffrey never intended to give up the sea. Nor did he ever look to remarry. But when his blood begins to thrum when close to Lady Emily-as it did with his first wife-he decides to pursue this woman. Lady Emily doesn’t want to be drawn to Captain Lord Geoffrey DeBohun. She believes her brother has Lord Geoffrey’s brother in mind for her, the Earl of Wickerdun. When Joy’s first wish comes true after Lord Geoffrey announces he’s decided to remain home, Emily wonders if perhaps the girl might get her Christmas wishes after all.

The Christmas Wish
by Rebecca Andrews

Seven year old, Kevin Connor wants a mother by Christmas. When the campaign he started with a birthday wish and nightly prayers doesn’t seem to be working, he decides daily visits to Santa Claus is the answer. Unable to convince Kevin that Santa can’t bring him a mother, his father knuckles under and takes Kevin to see Santa. He is stunned when Kevin forgets all about Santa and runs into the arms of a strange woman. Will Holly St. Nick be the answer to Kevin’s Christmas wish and Ryan’s too?

Miracles and Mistletoe
by Kimberly Grant

As a full-blast blizzard blows outside, Marla Anders awaits news from the doctor’s office about the test results for a biopsy. Unable to reach the doctor, Marla worries she may have cancer. Chance Yardley encourages her to have faith during this season of miracles.



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Category: Romance Anthology

Format: Trade Paperback and eBook

Publish Date: 10/31/2006

Price: $10.00 US

eBook: $3.99 US

ISBN: 978-0974624914





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