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Endless Yesterdays - Forever Tomorrows

Leanne Burroughs



A Contemporary Novella...


A season of love. A season of cheer. To a joyful present and a well-remembered past. A story of the joyful gift of this holiday season. Peace, Joy, Love and Lasting Happiness.


When a B&B needs remodeling, the owner takes on more than she plans after meeting the charming repairman. Can he repair not only the B&B, but also her broken heart when she learns unsettling news?


~~~ Miranda jumped when the doorbell rang. She rushed to the kitchen door, drying her hands with a kitchen towel. It had to be the construction laborer her brother Aidan had recommended.

Opening the door just as the doorbell rang again, she came face to face with clear blue eyes. Eyes that spoke nothing of construction, but looked in to the long-guarded areas of her heart.

Suddenly the man made a slight sound and his eyes—eyes that mesmerized her—were dancing.

She cleared her throat to cover the awkwardness and reached for the hand she too late realized was extended toward her. Had she been gawking? Surely dreams had taken flight. Dreams that had no place in her life after David. Dreams that died on a fiery field in Iraq. The man wore tight jeans and a royal blue T-shirt and extended a business card.

Daniel Fitzgerald
Professional Fixer-Upper. You need it, I fix it



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Category: Historical Fiction

Format: eBook

Publish Date: 2010

Price: $0.99 eBook



Copyright 2005-2015 Leanne Burroughs