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Every Christmas Wish

Annette Louise

5 Independent Women... Are each too stubborn to allow Christmas to work its magic in their lives? Even if it means finding Mr. Right?

Waiting for Holly - Ms. Holly is a four-year veteran teacher of first grade students. She's tough. She can handle it all...right up until one sweet little girl asks Santa for nothing but Chapstick for Christmas. Concerned that Sophie won't have a good Christmas, Holly takes matters into her own hands and plays Santa's helper. When Holly meets Sophie's dad, things become complicated, because Mr. Brandt doesn't think Ms. Holly will have a good Christmas...without him in it.

All She Wants for Christmas - Emily loves her simple existence as a romance writer and mother and is content to let anything resembling desire pass her by, but her tenacious agent has some ideas of his own. He's determined to see her rejoin the human race and begin dating once more-particularly if the man she chooses to date should happen to be him...

Enough With the Mistletoe - This Christmas Arionna received two surprises! Unfortunately, she can't keep them both. So, does she go with the boss's son-the wealthy corporate lawyer, or the hot construction worker who makes her toes curl? The answer is under the mistletoe... Someday Carole - Several years after a failed marriage, Carole was coerced by her sister to begin dating again. She went on one spectacular date that terrified her. It had been too perfect and she wasn't quite ready to experience romance again. It had been too soon. Now, nearly a year later things in her life have calmed down and she is ready to begin the dating process, but she has no idea how to go about it. She also has a rule not to date any man she meets through work. Men who need an attorney are rarely good boyfriend material. However, there are exceptions to almost any rule. When a man from her past reappears in her life as a client for her boss, Carole has to decide if he is the exception...

Rescuing Joy - After getting dumped during the holidays by her boyfriend, Joy realizes it's time to make some changes in her life. She makes a list and sets some new goals. The most important one on the very top of her list is no dating until her life is back on track. This strategy would be a whole lot simpler if her life would just go according to her plans, but time after time something goes wrong and the man who keeps rescuing her has plans of his own that don't match hers...


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Christmas Romance


ISBN - 978-0991643998



Copyright 2014 Leanne Burroughs