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Fate of Camelot

Cynthia Breeding




When a god desires a mortal woman.


Accompanied by Gwenhwyfar, King Arthur is healed on the holy isle of Avalon. But Avalon is surrounded by the ever-shifting Land of Faerie. When Myrddin attempts to pass them through, Cernunnos, god of the Wild Hunt, captures Gwenhwyfar and keeps her in Avalon, intending to make her his mistress.


Can a half-fey prince keep her from her Fate?


Enraged that Gwenhwyfar has been abducted, Lancelot swears he will bring her back to Camelot. A vision of the Holy Grail allows him to find the portal to the Land of Faerie, but Morgan le Fey has other designs for him. Will Lancelot's love for Gwenhwyfar be strong enough to endure in a world where Time is distorted and illusion reigns?


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Category: Historical Romance

Format: Trade Paperback and eBook

Publish Date: 08/2008

Price: Print: $12.49 US

Price: eBook: $3.99 US

ISBN 13: 978-0981557380




Now Available in Portugese
at Nova Cultural



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