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Hearts of the West

Multiple Authors



They moved out West, to small towns where dreams of finding home could come true...


The Lady and the Cowboy -


An English Lady finds a home on the range with a very determined cowboy.

Lady Eloise always believed honesty was the best policy until her forthright character encouraged her guardian to send her to a distant relative in the American West. Unfortunately, Eloise’s cousin dies before she arrives, and she soon becomes embroiled in a feud between the man determined to take over her cousin’s ranch and a mysterious cowboy who has his own reasons to see justice done.

Homesick and alone, Eloise must choose between trusting an unknown cowboy or abandoning a last chance at love and returning to the stultifying life she left in England.


The Rancher’s Special Delivery -


Banished from her home and out of options, Marie LaBelle answers a mail-order bride ad from a rancher in Colorado. She makes the best of marriage to grieving widower Randall Sparks, although he closely guards his heart. She closely guards her secret shame. But the couple must close ranks and open up about their secrets if they’'re to survive the trouble that follows Marie from New Orleans.


Blooming Rose -


City born and bred school teacher Rose Carter leaves New York for Colorado in search of purpose and meaning to her life. Arriving in rural Jefferson, she meets fellow teacher Johnathon Poole and his group of eager teenage students, excited to be part of the very first class in the newly opened Jefferson High School. While falling in love with the rugged West and its welcoming people, Rose is reminded of why she left New York when the train brings in Allister Mitchell—a man from her past. Can the city teachers adjust to the ways of the West, or will an unforeseen disaster pull them apart forever?


Blue Skies of Texas -


Left orphaned and penniless, Victoria 'Tori' Caldwell has no choice but to leave New England for her aunt and uncle’s ranch in Texas. She has almost reached her destination when her stagecoach is held up by bandits, the leader of which has piercing grey eyes like a wolf and a touch soft as a caress as he searches her. Only after she arrives at her destination, does she recognize those eyes as belonging to her uncle’s trusted foreman.



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y Amy Corwin

Cynthia Breeding

Cheryl Norman

Molly Zenk


Category: Western Romance

Format: Trade Paperback and eBook

Publish Date: 06/22/2015

Price: Print: $12.49 US

eBook: $3.99 US

ISBN: 978-1942606055

AISN: B01094R4GO


Copyright 2005-2015 Leanne Burroughs