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Holiday in the Heart

Multiple Authors


Blue Christmas Cat
by Deborah Macgillivray

Nominated for 2006 PEARL
Paranormal Excellence Award in Romantic Literature

It's a Blue Christmas for Dara Seaforth. Her sister Leslie has said she is not coming back to Scotland for the family's holidays. While Dara planned on going to visit her grandfather for Christmas, a snowstorm closes down airports and makes driving impossible, canceling her last minute plans. Stranded at a lonely Highland retreat, she is resigned to Christmas alone, until the British Blue cat shows up on her doorstep in time to help her celebrate. Hot on the missing cat's trail is Rhys St. John. Only Dara isn't so certain the sexy man deserves his cat back. Rhys is about to teach Dara, there's only one way to get Elvis the Cat--take his owner, too.

by Aleka Nakis

Samantha Law is a beautiful and successful travel writer spending a lonely sunset at the top of the Empire State Building on Christmas Eve. The handsome and influential Italian of her heart, Marco Tamburi, is near. Responsibilities and fear of a love too great to control have kept them apart for two decades, but once these issues are addressed, there is no denying their love. Will they choose a different path the second time around and allow themselves to love in a lifetime of forever, sempre?

Christmas Masquerade
by Michèle Ann Young

Blue-deviled by the holidays, Gerrard, Earl of Dart, avoids the revelry at an isolated cottage on his estate. A carriage accident strands heiress, Clarissa Trevethon, on his doorstep. The handsome but surly gamekeeper reeks of danger and out of self-preservation Clarissa poses as a penniless lady’s maid. While Gerrard suspects his guest is more than she claims, this is one Christmas gift he prefers not to return unopened. From behind their masks, they wickedly tempt each other, but will they remove their disguises and be true to their hearts before the sun rises on Christmas morning?

The Christmas Curse
by Rachel Michaels

Jenna Malone suffers from the dreaded Christmas Curse. Every year when the snow starts to fall, bad luck rains down on Jenna, and this year is no exception. But just when it looks like things couldn’t get any worse, an angel, in the form of her downstairs neighbor John, appears. Can a roaring fire, a little schnapps and a hunky guy help Jenna finally break the curse? Or is she doomed to have yet another miserable holiday?

by Heather Hiestand

Lonely American Robyne Arthur, a special needs bus driver, pops into an alternate universe where it is always 1862 London. There she meets the intimidating Edward, Earl of Chester, and falls in love with him and the needy children of the realm. Can she find a place for herself in Victoriana?

The Greatest Gift of All
by Candace Gold

While still nursing her wounds from being left at the altar a month before her wedding, Claudia Sykes is talked into attending a Valentine's Day dance. There she meets Adam Devine and soon forgets her ex and the pain he caused her. They fall in love, but Adam is a reservist in the National Guard and is deployed to Iraq. Claudia fears he won't return and she'll lose him as she lost her ex. When Adam's letters stop abruptly, she fears the worst. Will her worst fears come true or does Adam return to her?

Rachel's Light
by Victoria Houseman

Rachel Levine has come to Charleston, SC from Europe during the birth of the Colonies. Employed by Samuel Stein as a nanny to his two young children, she wants to help her family as best she can as they begin their new life. A loveless, angry marriage, injured in the American Revolution, Samuel is a bitter, lonely man and lashes out at everyone, including Rachel. Rachel realizes there is a man needing compassion and love underneath all that bitterness, but fears he will never allow himself to love her. Samuel discovers Rachel is the one person that can heal his soul and touch his heart - but he doesn't know how to let her accomplish this daunting task. Rachel's Light is the story of two souls finding love and hope through one another during the glorious time of Chanukah - the Festival of Lights.

Christmas Wonderland
by Leanne Burroughs

Gregory Giovanni has everything. He's rich and owns several stores. In fact, he owns an entire shopping mall. But money can't make his little girl not hurt when she walks. And it doesn't make him not lonely when he goes home at night. When Santa's elf walks into his life--in the form of Samantha Noelle--Gregory's world is turned upside down. Can an elf from Santa's Christmas Wonderland really bring him everything money can't buy?


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Category: Romance Anthology

Format: Trade Paperback and eBook

Publish Date: 11/10/2006

Price: $10.00 US

eBook: $3.99 US

ISBN-13: 978-0978713911

ISBN-10: 0978713915


Copyright 2005-2015 Leanne Burroughs