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Hyperion Keats
Molly Zenk


Three teens, a 200-year-old diary, and a literary mystery to solve...

A LBT Brotherhood Mystery, Book 1...

Twelve-year-old Hyperion Frances Keats, great-great grand niece of poet John Keats, hates tip-toeing around her older sister's "medical diagnosis". Why is Isabella so determined to turn her back on what makes her unique in a sea of wannabes? Is popularity more important than the truth?

The sisters and boy-next-door Will find themselves in the middle of a mystery after discovering a 200-year-old diary written by the girl who inspired the sonnet "To A Lady Seen For A Moment At Vauxhall." The teens aren't the only ones after the answers found in the pages from the past, though. The LBT Brotherhood - a secret society dedicated to preserving the Romantic Poets three creeds of love, beauty, and truth - want the secrets contained in the diary to remain lost to time and will stop at nothing to silence Hyperion, Isabella, and Will forever.


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More b
y Molly Zenk


Category: Young Adult/Mystery

Format: Trade Paperback and eBook

Publish Date: 11/14/2013
ISBN - 978-0989526258


Price: Print: $5.49 US

eBook: $1.99 US  

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