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Love and Noel
Amber Dawn Bell



Six holiday romances ensured to warm the heart and soul and keep your Christmas spirit high no matter what time of year.


As a Marine Reservist, Mitch Ferguson feels honor bound and proud to serve his country. His fiancée, Annie, understands but when he deploys to Iraq, she worries every day. Mitch promises her he’d be home in time for Christmas. But when he’s disfigured and paralyzed in a car bombing, he pushes Annie away. Will Mitch keep his promise and return to Annie by Christmas? Or are they destined to forever be apart?


Hope Lacey is forced into bankruptcy and must sell her beloved home after her husband of twenty-eight years leaves her. While packing up her last remaining possessions on Christmas Eve, she finds her favorite ornament—a nunne’hi of Cherokee mythology—and makes a wish to escape the reality of her world and find true love. Seconds later, she finds herself in the arms of a Cherokee warrior in a time long past. Will Hope discover her one true soul mate? Will her Christmas wish come true?


After her father’s death, Dani Chisholm is left to run the ranch by herself. Heartbroken and financially ruined by a former flame, she refuses to take a chance on love again until a handsome lawyer from California, Thomas McKenna, unexpectedly enters her life during the holidays. Forced together by Mother Nature, the two must rely on each other for survival. Will Dani retreat back into her isolated ranch life? Or will she learn to trust again and take a chance on love?


In 1715 England while trying to warn the king of a murder plot, a woman with unusual powers, Angelique, is arrested because her cat, Lancelot, has intimate relations with a royal cat. The King places her under the protection of his most trusted man, Damien, who ends up being more than he appears with his aversion to sunlight and his dark, brooding moods. Could she be in real danger? Or will she finally find love with someone who can accept her strange abilities?


Best friends for years, Addie and Harland didn’t realize their true feelings for each other until he leaves for Marine boot camp. While he’s gone, Addie discovers she has a serious illness and fears Harland will never be able to love her for more than a friend. When Harland finds out about Addie’s illness, he fights to overcome every obstacle placed in his way to graduate on time and get home to the girl he loves.


Angel McKenzie blames herself for the Christmas Eve fire that took the lives of her husband and baby. Rarely leaving her apartment, she prefers the solitude of her self-appointed prison. Jacob Campbell, the fireman on duty the night of the fire, lives in guilt because he could not save the whole family. Can the two learn to forgive themselves and love again? Or will they forever be tormented by the past?


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Amber Dawn Bell


Category: Holiday Anthology

Format: Trade Paperback

Publish Date: 12/15/2011

Price: $ 11.99 US

ISBN-13: 978-0984654116



Copyright 2010 Leanne Burroughs