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Their Finest Hour
Cynthia Breeding, Leanne Burroughs,
Polly McCrillis, and Holmes Brannon




World War II - Growing international tension leads to the most destructive war in history.


Tales from Germany's shores to America's Home Front


Encounter With Destiny

Stealth is a survival skill for the Rom-persecuted in Hitler's Germany as much as the Jews-and from early childhood, Gypsy children learned to avoid German soldiers at all costs. Yet, when Nadia Rajak, a nurse visiting her clan, finds such a man wounded in the woods, what is she to do? Sometimes, an encounter with Destiny cannot be avoided.


American Rose

Caught in the nightmare of World War-II Occupied France, two people from different ends of the earth discover their soulmates in each other. Rose, the beautiful leader of a French resistance band finds what she's always longed for in the arms of an American bomber pilot downed behind Nazi lines. Must she now sacrifice the love of her life to the god of War?


Shores of Refuge

It was a day on the beach for Nicky Lowell. Two of them. From 21st century California to the southern coast of war-torn 1940 England, where she falls into the hands of RAF officer, Ellis Bevenger. Suddenly, the holidays aren't at all what they'd expected.


On the Home Front

World War II left the world in turmoil. Many in America were sent home from Europe with injuries. Would their lives ever be the same again? Ryan Burgess didn't think so. Allison Monroe would do anything to protect her daughter from the realities forced on them from the void her husband's death left. Can Ryan and Allison put the horrible memories of the past behind them? More importantly, can they both learn to love again?

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Cynthia Breeding
Leanne Burroughs
Polly McCrillis
Holmes Brannon

Category: Historical Romance Anthology

Format: Trade Paperback

Publish Date: 1/14/2013

Price: $ 10.99 US

ISBN: 978-0985069070




Copyright 2010 Leanne Burroughs