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Winds of Fire
Ann Merritt




Seriously wounded in the line of duty, OSI officer Kip McTeer is sent home to Savannah to recuperate. Not long after he arrives, information on a case heís been working on pulls him from his recovery bed on a clandestine boat ride to Tybee Island. He is shocked to discover the house he has been sent to check out belongs to none other than his former high school sweetheart, Anna Hanley. And the house is fully engaged in fire.


Before he has time to recover from his wounds, Kip is forced back into the world of intrigue and espionage. Annaís sister has been murdered. An arsonist is on the loose, but itís more, much more. Amid the gracious living of the coastal South, Kip is inexorably drawn into a sinister plot that threatens to take both his and Annaís lives. Forced to relive a past he wanted to forget, he is spurred on by the memories. The case has become personal.



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Review -

The setting and characters were spot on and the story line was engaging. The author did a good job of depicting the work of the clandestine services while weaving a believable suspense/romance plot around a lush setting. It was a flowing pleasurable read in a genre where many books sound forced.

~ Jo Lamas, Amazon Kindle




more by

Anne Merritt

Romantic Suspense

ISBN -13: 9780989526289

Trade Paperback Price: $12.95 US

eBook Price: $ 3.99 US



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