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Frequently Asked Questions



General FAQs

How can I write to or find out more about an author?  
Select the Books by Author A-Z link in the menu to the left, then click the author of your choice. Each author's page includes a listing of their Highland Press Publishing books.

How can I arrange for an author to sign books at my bookstore?
At the present time, please contact our Publicity Department at The.Highland.Press@gmail.com, or contact the author directly through their website.

I write for a newspaper, magazine (online service, etc.); how do I request a review copy of a book?
Mail a request to our publicity department on your company letterhead to:  Highland Press Publishing, PO Box 2292, High Springs, FL 32655.




FAQs for Authors

What are Highland Press Publishing’s goals and vision for the future?
Quality fiction written for writers and readers who want more than what they’re finding in many books currently being published. Do you love historical romances, but find very little actual history in most books nowadays?  If so, Highland Press is the place for you. We believe there is a vast audience clamoring for something other than ‘the quick read,’ and hope to revive the romance of yesteryear. In addition, Highland Press Publishing is now seeking submissions from all genres--not just romance-- with the exception of erotica. We are particularly looking for Christian/inspirational themed books, or books with a heavy focus on family values.

How do I submit my manuscript for consideration?
We ask you query first with an e-mail to the.highland.press@gmail.com with the word 'query' and the subject matter in the subject line. You may attach a synopsis and first three chapters, along with the query you have in the body of the e-mail. If you prefer to do it by mail, you may send a cover letter and brief introduction, along with the proposal and first three chapters to us at: Highland Press Publishing, PO Box 2292, High Springs, FL 32655. If we are interested, we will respond to you via e-mail--be sure to include that in your letter.  There is no right or wrong length for a synopsis. Utilize whatever you feel most comfortable with in order to convey what your story is about.

Will Highland Press Publishing consider other types of manuscripts for publication besides romances?
Definitely! Highland Press Publishing has opened its submissions up to all genres, with the exception of erotica. Our newest lines are inspirational and family oriented. We have also released men's fiction/mysteries and a fantastic non-fiction writing resource book.

Does Highland Press Publishing offer an advance on royalties?
Highland Press does not offer an advance to the Author at this time; however, royalties are paid quarterly within 45 days of the previous months' sales.

In what formats will books be available?
Most books are published in trade paperback size. In addition, all books are now available at numerous eBook sites in downloadable e-book format.

If my manuscript is accepted for publication, how long before it is available for purchase?
Unfortunately, we are unable to answer this question until your manuscript has been accepted for publication. Timelines are set according to workload and our editors' schedules, as well as demand for certain genres.

What benefits do you offer authors?
Our most important goal is to let our authors know how important their success is to us. We take steps to ensure their book gets exposure at online sites. We’re looking for and welcome new writers. When our authors are a success, we are a success. Unagented submissions are happily accepted.

What steps will Highland Press Publishing take to give my book maximum exposure?
Every effort will be made to bring both the author and the book into the limelight. Author participation and promotion is a must for a book to be a success.

Is it permissible to contact Highland Press Publishing to check on the status of my manuscript?
Every book sent to us will receive our full attention.  We will try to get back with you as quickly as possible, but authors are welcome to check on the status of their manuscripts at any time. We will endeavor to respond to such queries within a reasonable time frame. We will try to keep in contact with you, if only to give you a tentative timeframe we expect to complete reading your submission.  

Once accepted for publication, will authors receive free copies of their book?
We provide our authors with one PDF copy of their book for promotional purposes. Additional online copies or print copies will be at the author's expense, usually at thirty percent off the retail price for which no royalties will be paid.

If accepted for publication, can authors provide their own cover art for their book?
Definitely. We encourage you to provide a completed cover design if you so choose. This would be at the author's expense. However, our art department reserves the right to refuse the design if we feel it is not suitable to our needs. In addition, authors are also encouraged to help find artwork they believe gives the feel of their storyline if we design the cover.

Do you accept submissions that may be under consideration from other publishing companies?
At present we do, but we request you inform us if it’s a multiple submission. Or, if you do sell it elsewhere, please let us know so we may remove it from our consideration stack.

Is it necessary to have an agent?  If so, how do I find an agent?
If you wish to work with an agent, we are more than happy to work with them, but it is not necessary to have one to submit queries to us at this time.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us at The.Highland.Press@gmail.com




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