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A Blue Christmas ~ Amber Dawn Bell

A Blue Vacation ~ Michelle Scaplen

A Bonny Blue Christmas ~ Susan Barclay

A Chorus Singing Love ~ Gerri Bowen

A Christmas Flame ~ Amber Dawn Bell

A Christmas Miracle ~ Velvet Vaughn

A Christmas Vow ~ Amy Blizzard

A Commander Under the Tree ~ Billie Warren Chai

A Cry From the Cold ~ Ann Merritt

A Dance of Manners ~ Anthology

A Dangerous Haven ~ Susan R. Sweet

A Dragon's Tale ~ Cynthia Breeding

A Father's Hope ~ Judith Leigh

A Flood of Blessings ~ Susan R. Sweet

A Gift Unsought ~ Erin E.M. Hatton

A Heated Romance ~ Candace Gold

A Letter Unsent ~ Erin E.M. Hattton

A Love to Remember ~ Cheryl Alldredge

A Moment In Time ~ Cynthia Roepke

A New Tradition ~ Leanne Burroughs

A Pirate of Her Own ~ Cynthia Breeding

A Ray for Mary Jo ~ Susan Barclay

A Season for Justice ~ Rebecca Andrews

A Season for Love ~ Cynthia Breeding

A Season for Romance ~ Amy Blizzard

A Smithfield Bargain ~ Erin E.M. Hatton

A Soldier's Heart ~ Rebecca Andrews

A Spaghetti Kind of Love ~ Michelle McGinnis

A Traditional Holiday ~ Amy Blizzard

A Twist of Fate ~ Candace Gold

A Very Special Man ~ Deborah MacGillivray

A Wild Blooded Christmas - With Fangs ~ Gerri Bowen

A Wish Times Three ~ Jeanne Van Arsdall

Abendlied ~ Jennifer Linforth

Act II, Scene I ~ Polly McCrillis

All I Want For Christmas Is A Hula Hoop...And A Mother ~ Deborah MacGillivray

All I Want For Christmas Is You ~ Anthology

All She Wants for Christmas ~ Annette Louise

All That Glitters ~ Anthology

All Wrapped Up ~ Anthology

Almost Denied ~ Isabel Mere

Almost Forsaken ~ Isabel Mere

Almost Guilty ~ Isabel Mere

Almost Perfect ~ Isabel Mere

Almost Silenced ~ Isabel Mere

Almost Taken ~ Isabel Mere

Always...Only You ~ Leanne Burroughs

American Rose ~ Holmes Brannon

An Unexpected Gift ~ Amber Dawn Bell

Arms O' the Sea ~ Erin E.M. Hatton

Audrey's Love ~ Gerri Bowen

Away With the Manger ~ Susan R. Swet

Bad Cat ~ Deborah MacGillivray

Bad Moon Rising ~ Cheryl Norman

Barbary Coast Affair ~ Cynthia Breeding

Beats A Wild Heart ~ Jean Adams

Belle of the Blue Moon Ball ~ Dawn Thompson

Binary Bingo ~ Chris Holmes

Birthday Blues ~ Amy Blizzard

Blood on the Tartan ~ Chris Holmes

Blood Red Roses ~ Katherine Deauxville

Blooming Rose ~ Molly Zenk - Coming Soon

Blue Christmas Cat ~ Deborah MacGillivray

Blue Moon and the Warrior ~ Lee Roland

Blue Moon Magic ~ Anthology

Blue Moon Magic - A Short Story ~ A. Bradley

Blue Moon Enchantment ~ Anthology

Blue Moon Reunion ~ Gerri Bowen

Blue Skies of Texas ~ Cynthia Breeding

Brantley Arms ~ Lori Lane Tarver - Coming Soon

Brantley Legacy ~ Lori Lane Tarver - Coming Soon

Bride of Blackbeard ~ Brynn Chapman

Brides of the West ~ Anthology

Calling Hailey's Bluff ~ Billie Warren Chai

Camelot's Enchantment ~ Cynthia Breeding

Casual Curses & Meticulous Magic ~ Lee Roland

Cat 'O Nine Tales ~ Deborah MacGillivray

Cave of Terror ~ Amber Dawn Bell

Chance For A Merry Christmas ~ Judith Leigh

Charades ~ Polly McCrillis

Chasing Byron ~ Molly Zenk

Chicken What du Hell ~ Deborah MacGillivray

Chocolate In the Afternoon ~ Leanne Burroughs

Christmas Blessings ~ Anthology

Christmas Dreams ~ Cynthia Breeding - Coming Soon

Christmas Is In the Air ~ Anthology

Christmas Island ~ Cynthia Breeding

Christmas Kisses ~ Anthology

Christmas Masquerade ~ Michele Ann Young

Christmas Rainbows ~ Cynthia Owens- Coming Soon

Christmas Wishes ~ Anthology

Christmas Wonderland ~ Leanne Burroughs

Circle Round the Sun ~ Erin E.M. Hatton

Comfort and Joy ~ Anthology

Coming Home ~ Cynthia Owens

Connecting Flights ~ Judith Leigh

Counterpoint ~ Erin E.M. Hatton

Court of Love ~ Cynthia Breeding

Danger In Paradise ~ Cynthia Breeding

Danger Lurks ~ Boxed Set ~ Three Books

Dark Well of Decision ~ Anne Kimberly

Deception ~ Anthology

Deceptive Hearts ~ Cynthia Owens

Detour to Love ~ Deborah MacGillivray

Detours ~ Polly McCrillis

Devil In Spurs ~ Deborah MacGillivray

Double Dare ~ Michelle Scaplen

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble ~ Deborah MacGillivray

Down Home Ever Lovin' Mule Blues ~ Jacquie Rogers

Echo of Time ~ Karen Michelle Nutt

En Pointe for Love ~ Cynthia Breeding

Enchanted Journey ~ Cynthia Breeding

Encounter With Destiny ~ Cynthia Breeding

Endless Yesterdays - Forever Tomorrows ~ Leanne Burroughs

Entertaining Angels ~ Patty Howell

Eternal Hearts ~ Jean Adams

Everlasting ~ Cynthia Owens

Every Christmas Wish ~ Annette Louise

Eyes of Love ~ Katherine Deauxville

Fate of Camelot ~ Cynthia Breeding

Fire and Ice ~ Amy Blizzard

Firstfoot ~ Erin E.M. Hatton

Flames of Gold ~ Anthology

For Love of Gwynneth ~ Gerri Bowen

For Your Heart Only ~ Anthology

Fortnight ~ Erin E.M. Hatton

Getting It In the End ~ Deborah MacGillivray

Gifts of Love ~ Amber Dawn Bell

Gingerbread and Mistletoe ~ Amy Blizzard

Gray Wolf's Bride ~ Kimberly Ivey

He Planted a Garden ~ Gloria Tarver

Heart's Affections ~ Molly Zenk

Heartfelt ~ Patty Howell

Hearts of the West ~ Anthology

Her Highland Destiny ~ Leanne Burroughs

Her Highland Rogue ~ Leanne Burroughs

Her Viking Warrior ~ Cheryl Alldredge

Hidden Death ~ Jo Webnar

Highland Miracle ~ Leanne Burroughs

Highland Wishes ~ Leanne Burroughs

Hitting Paydirt ~ Billie Warren Chai

Holiday in the Heart ~ Anthology

Holiday OP ~ Anthology

Home of the Dragon ~ Cynthia Breeding

Homemade Blessings ~ Leanne Burroughs

Hometown Blessings ~ Cheryl Norman

Hopscotch ~ Polly McCrillis

Hot Cocoa for the Heart ~ Anthology

Hyperion Keats ~ Molly Zenk

I Swear ~ Michelle Scaplen

I'll Be Home for Christmas ~ Amber Dawn Bell

In Sunshine or in Shadow ~ Cynthia Owens

In Time for Christmas ~ Cheryl Alldredge

Into the Woods ~ R.R. Smythe

It Must Have Been the Mistetoe ~ Judith Leigh

Johnny's Fortune ~ Leanne Burroughs

Joy's Christmas Wishes ~ Gerri Bowen

Keeper of the Light ~ Cynthia Owens

Ladybugs and Fireflies ~ Cheryl Alldredge

Leader of the Pack ~ Debi Farr

Lizzy's Laces ~ Inara Scott

Lochs and Lasses ~ Cynthia Breeding

Love and Noel ~ Amber Dawn Bell

Love and Silver Bells ~ Anthology

Love, Laughter & Lies ~ Patty Howell

Love On a Harley ~ Anthology

Love Under A Faery Blue Moon ~ Dawn Thompson

Love Under the Mistletoe ~ Anthology

Love Waits ~ Cynthia Breeding

Love's Blood ~ Gerri Bowen

Love's Eternal Hope ~ Amber Dawn Bell

Luck of the Draw ~ Teryl Oswald

Madrigal ~ Jennifer Linforth

Mind Your Fangs ~ Gerri Bowen

Miracles and Mistletoe ~ Kimberly Grant

Mistletoe Blessings ~ Judith Leigh

Mists of Camelot ~ Cynthia Breeding - Coming Soon

More Than He Bargained For ~ Judith Leigh

Muses In the Moonlight ~ Patty Howell

My Dark Rose ~ Cynthia Owens

My Dream Came True ~ Leanne Burroughs

Mysterious Ways ~ Susan Barclay

No Laughing Matter ~ Patty Howell

No Law Against Love ~ Anthology

No Law Against Love 2 ~ Anthology

Noah's Arch ~ Patty Howell

Nostalgia Road ~ Cynthia Roepke

On A Cold Winter's Night ~ Anthology

On the Home Front ~ Leanne Burroughs

On The Wild Side ~ Gerri Bowen

Once Upon A Snowflake ~ Shelli Stevens

Only and Always You ~ Gerri Bowen

Operation: L.O.V.E. ~ Anthology

Operation Family ~ Billie Warren Chai

Playing for Keeps ~ Cynthia Owens

Portal of Dragons ~ Cynthia Breeding

Practice Makes Perfect ~Erin E.M. Hatton

Prelude to Camelot ~ Cynthia Breeding

Project Mendel ~ Brynn Chapman

Purrfect Companion ~ Amber Dawn Bell

Rachel's Light ~ Victoria Houseman

Rape of the Soul ~ Dawn Thompson

Rebel Heart ~ Jannine Corti Petska

Recipe for Disaster ~ Bobbi Dumas

Recipe for Love ~ Anthology

Reeled In ~ Polly McCrillis

Reluctant Betrayer ~ Cynthia Owens

Rescuing Joy ~ Annette Louise

Rider In the Storm ~ Deborah MacGillivray

Romance Upon a Midnight Clear ~ Anthology

Romance on Route 66 ~ Judith Leigh and Cheryl Norman

Romancing Stone ~ Judith Leigh

Rondeau ~ Jennifer Linforth

Satin and Snakeskin ~ Michele Ann Young

Saving Tampa ~ Jo Webnar

Seasons of Love ~ Anthology

Second Time Around ~ Anthology

Secret of the Blue Moon ~ Billie Warren Chai

Secrets and Lies ~ Rebecca Andrews

Sempre ~ Aleka Nakis

Sensible Advice ~ Erin E.M. Hatton

Someday Carole ~ Annette Louise

Something Wild ~ Gerri Bowen

Southern Fried Trouble ~ Katherine Deauxville

Spellbound ~ Aysel Arwen

Street Manners ~ Patty Howell

Suspicious Minds ~ Leanne Burroughs

Sweet Sauerkraut ~ Gerri Bowen

Sword of the Highlander ~ Cynthia Breeding

Spores, Plagues and History ~ Chris Holms

Static Resistance and Rose ~ Lee Roland

Sunset Lake ~ Michelle Scaplen

Sweet Liberation ~ Lis'Anne Harris

Sweet Salvation ~ Lis'Anne Harris

Teaching Love ~ Patricia Frank

The Anti-Kissing League ~ Leanne Burroughs

The Bayou Prince ~ Cynthia Breeding

The Blessing of Forgiveness ~ Patty Howell

The Chances Are Bride ~ Billie Warren Chai

The Christmas Bachelor ~ Amy Blizzard

The Christmas Cake ~ Judith Leigh

The Christmas Conflict ~ Patty Howell

The Christmas Prayer ~ Cheryl Norman

The Christmas Store ~ A. Bradley

The Christmas Wish ~ Rebecca Andrews

The Crystal Heart ~ Katherine Deauxville

The Devil With Green Eyes ~ Gail Katz

The Dragon's Lair ~ Cynthia Breeding

The Farmer's Son ~ Erin E.M. Hatton

The Garden of Evil ~ Chris Holmes

The Garden Swing ~ Erin E.M. Hatton

The Gift of You ~ Kimberly Ivey

The Grand Tour ~ Erin E.M. Hatton

The Greatest Gift of All ~ Candace Gold

The Healer ~ Leanne Burroughs

The Hard Way ~ Michelle Sccaplen - Coming Soon

The Heart of Christmas ~ Anthology

The Lady and the Cowboy ~ Amy Corwin

The Lady's Cowboy ~ Leanne Burroughs

The Last Pirates ~ Cynthia Breeding

The Lawyer and the Amazon ~ Lee Roland

The List ~ Velvet Vaughn

The Little Hermit ~ Lance Martin

The Man of Her Dreams ~ Leanne Burroughs

The Medusa Strain ~ Chris Holmes

The Millennium Phrase Book ~ Rebecca Andrews

The Mosquito Tapes ~ Chris Holmes

The Necklace ~ Amy Corwin

The Passage to Summer ~ Gerri Bowen

The Patient Gift ~ Patty Howell

The Phantom Chronicles ~ Boxed Set ~ Jennifer Linforth

The Pianoforte ~ Erin E.M. Hatton

The Pyrate' Lair ~ Erin E.M. Hatton

The Rancher's Special Delivery ~ Cheryl Norman

The Ring of Time ~ Susan R. Sweet

The Rule of Three ~ Boxed Set ~ Brynn Chapman

The Snowflake Ball ~ Amy Blizzard

The Spirit of Love ~ Karen Michelle Nutt

The Star Traveler ~. Victoria Houseman

The Sword and the Grail ~ Cynthia Roepke

The Thief ~ Amy Corwin

The Way Home ~ Rebecca Andrews

The Wine Seekers ~ Linda Bilodeau

The Woman In the Window ~ Jeanne Van Arsdall

The Zero Day Event ~ Eric Fullilove

Their Finest Hour ~ Anthology

Them's Fightin' Words ~ Leanne Burroughs

Timing is Everything ~ Annette Louise

To Woo A Lady ~ Erin E.M. Hatton

Treasure of Campeche ~ Cynthia Breeding

Turn Back Time ~ Molly Zenk

Twilight Time ~ Cheryl Norman

Twist of Time ~ Anthology

Twister ~ Polly McCrillis

Unwrapped ~ Aleka Nakis

Waiting for Holly ~ Annette Louise

When The Vow Breaks ~ Judith Leigh

Window Wonderland ~ Isabel Mere

Winds of Destiny ~ Cynthia Breeding

Winds of Fire ~ Ann Merritt

Yuletide Miracle ~ Judith Leigh

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